A cute Pee-Boy Picture


I simply love them so much ^-^


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or just contact me if you want to buy one =).. my.taube@gmail.com*


Teru Teru Bozu

I just finish this Teru Teru Bozu

a FREE Pattern for all of you


Hope you like it

If you don’t know what is a Teru Teru Bozu.. READ HERE!





Enjoy !

ps. Maybe it can help you this Tutorial about “Crochet Relief” =)

New Wo! for adoption

This purple Wo! is for adoption now =)

his size is 16 cm (so so)

security eyes in pink colour

and it have a cost of $30 USD Shipping Included (Registered Mail)

(Only Paypal)

purple wo

The colour can be a little different from the one in the picture

If you want him contact me at my.taube@gmail.com


They are Wo!.. what is Wo!?.. I don’t know ¬¬.. I just like that name =)


They are my new friends than want to conquer this world.. but in a good mood you know?.. they want to give you love and hugs (Awww)..

I am working in few more.. for adoption =).. so much?.. I was thinking 30 USD.. with Shipping (registered mail) included..

I always send things with registered mail.. I hate things get lost in mail >.<

That happen to me before U_U.. and I it makes me feel sad =(.. anyway.. aren’t they cute???

Welcome to My Taube’s Blog =)

Welcome here.. I will show you.. ehm.. I don’t know what O.o.. things I make or I live =)