Lady Bun-Bun

Lady Bun-Bun, originally uploaded by Weich Taube *Give me a Cookie!*.

I just finish to knit this bunny XD
Is funny that at first I think in to make a bear, then a bunny and then a rattie..
and it looks like a Chihuahua O___O

But well.. here she is.. a BUNNY!.. Lady Bun-Bun ^^

The pattern is from


Blythe Crocheted dress ^^

Blythe Crocheted dress ^^, originally uploaded by Weich Taube (taking a time out).

Poncho !

Poncho !, originally uploaded by Weich Taube.
Buy one on my Etsy store!

Libi with Poncho

Libi with Poncho, originally uploaded by Weich Taube.

I am making many of those in pretty colours to put on my Etsy =)
I hope all of those find a home ^-^


Étoile, originally uploaded by Weich Taube.

Étoile means Star in French

As you can see Étoile have many stars with she ^-^
that’s because every time she smile she make a new star.. like making poo haha XD

Heart Pattern

Heart Pattern, originally uploaded by Weich Taube.

Hope you enjoy it ^-^

Libi & Raphi

Libi & Raphi, originally uploaded by Weich Taube.

Chain & Simple Crochet (Sc)

Chain & Simple Crochet (Sc), originally uploaded by Weich Taube.

In this video I show you how to make a Chain and a Simple Crochet (Sc)
As you can see.. I make 5 chain at first.. but I only crochet 4 stitches, that’s because I start crocheting in the second chain
Well.. when we work in Simple Crochet we in every row must start with one chain, so in that way the work is going to be neat =)
In the second row you can see that I start with one chain again.. and that’s the way we must make every row

At the end of the video you can see a simple plush I make with that technique.. you can use that toy for you cat.. or hammie.. or any pet.. or for you haha.. is easy and simple =)

Hope you like this video.. sorry for the noise in the video


Cadeneta y Punto Bajo (Pb)

En este video les muestro como hacer una cadeneta y el Punto Bajo (Pb)
Como pueden ver.. hice 5 cadenetas al principio.. pero solo teji 4 puntos, esto es por que empece tejiendo en la segunda cadeneta
Bueno.. cuando trabajamos con Puntos Bajos en cada hilera debemos empezar con una cadeneta, de esta manera el trabajo queda de manera mas prolija =)
En la segunda hilera pueden ver que empiezo nuevamente con una cadeneta.. y esa es la manera en que debemos trabajar todas las hileras

Al final del video pueden ver un peluche muy simple que hice con esta tecnica.. pueden usar este juguete para gatos.. hamsters.. o cualquier mascota.. o para ti jaja.. es facil y simple =)

Espero les guste este video.. perdon por el ruido en el video

Christmas Hats !!!

I am working on those cute hats for Blythe and Pullip dolls =)

If you want one just contact me at

They have a cost of  $ 20 USD. (Registered Mail included)

I only accept Paypal

Blythe Hat =)

Pullip Hat =)

A cute Pee-Boy Picture


I simply love them so much ^-^


*see my Etsy to make one for you =)..

or just contact me if you want to buy one =)..*

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